New Policies at WHS


Alizabeth Krupka , Reporter

For the 2022 to 2023 school year some policies have changed. We talked to superintendent Dr. Richard Faidley about the new changes.

The changes Dr. Faidley has made are all for school safety. Williston High School now has a closed campus for all kids, but seniors with the coyote head on their badges. The campus was closed for everyone for attendance matters and for the fact of how school shooting statistics have been increasing. All in all, the campus was closed for the safety of everyone in the building. Dr. Faidley states that “no one likes to put rules or restriction on but its a responsibility to make sure students who come to the school are safe.” Attendance was talked about across the district and it is most likely that once a student leaves campus, they won’t come back. The rules are hoping to improve attendance so that will it will also impact the achievement of academics. The phone rules that have been put into place have caused some frustration among students, but will help them academically, along with in the real world and college.
Dr. Faidley would also like to see new buildings for schools like elementary schools as we are short on those as numbers are increasing as classes come in. In the future, he has plans to discuss adding on to schools or building new schools.

Overall, he believes the new policies are effective and will increase our school academically.


If you would like to get to know Dr. Faidley more, watch out for our feature on him coming this week!