Teacher Feature: Mrs. Hansen


Question: What is your favorite part about Williston so far? 

Answer: “My favorite part about williston? Probably how the community comes together for everything. Like for sports or if there is a tragedy we all pull together and help out the families.”


Question: Why did you choose Williston?

Answer: “ I chose Williston because I have two kids and their grandparents live in Williston and I want them to be close to one set of grandparents so they have some family. My family lives in Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, and California so I have no family except me and my kids.”


Question: If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Answer: “Invisibility because I’m nosy I like to sneak around and see what’s going on especially when you have two teenage kids, you gotta keep up with them.”


Question: Since you work in the office is it annoying to have to give people sticky notes when they forget their badges? 

Answer: “Yes you need to be responsible. I have to wear mine everyday and I have yet to forget mine in the 7 years I’ve worked for the district.”