Teacher Feature Mrs. Otis


Jayden Flory and Kaleb Minton

WHS Intro to Journalism talked to the new teachers at Williston High. Mrs. Otis Teaches Business classes, when we asked why she chose Williston she said she was born and raised in Williston, and moved away to Colorado for 4 years and came back. She says she loves the small town feel and she chose to teach here to hopefully make a difference in students lives. Mrs. Otis says her favorite part about Williston is the close-knit feel community and being surrounded by so much family. We asked her what super power she would want to have and she said the ability to never be late. She is a mom of 3 and feels like she’s always rushing and never on time. Mrs. Otis is also a competitive dance teacher in her free time and even a mom-taxi to her son who plays 3 sports.


If you see Mrs. Otis around make sure you stop by and say Hi