New Teacher Feature – Mr. McGlothlin

MaKenna Vigness and Rita Johnson

The WHS Intro to Journalism class interviewed new teachers. We interviewed Mr. McGlothlin (Mr. Q) and got to know a little more about him. Mr. Q’s favorite parts about Williston is that it’s a bigger town and community. He enjoys that there is more to do here than there was where he grew up. He ended up working at Williston High School because he was “recruited” to work here by Coach Jones and also stated “I’ve always wanted to work with Jones, because he’s one of my best friends.” He wanted to work in a bigger school, coming from working in Plentywood, Montana. Mr. Q was born in Sidney, Montana, but has family from Williston. We asked Mr. Q what he would be doing if he wasn’t in the field of work he is in now. He told us he would probably be an architect because that’s what he originally wanted to do. Mr. Q has a siberian husky named Ghost, and a barn cat named Evie. He enjoys Star Wars movies and cookies and cream ice cream. If Mr. Q could have any superpower, he would choose to be able to teleport.