Mya Seymour, Student

Thursday, October 13th, during 4th period, the whole school was put on immediate lockdown. Threat unknown to everyone right away, students and teachers were put on hold. Police cars, SWAT vans, Ambulances, and Fire Trucks soon showed up at the scene. Evacuated first, were the first-floor classes starting in the main building, CTE was ushered out next. Students got on buses and were brought to the Raymond Center where parents could pick them up. Slowly but surely law enforcement made their way to the second and third floors. Second-floor classes were checked and brought out around 3:00 pm. The third floor was kept until around 4:00 pm. Once at the Raymond Center, each grade separated into their section and waited for an adult to call them out. Thermal blankets and water were handed out. Pizza was ordered and delivered at about 5:40 – 5:50 pm. Rumors circulated the whole day about an active shooter or bomb threats, even a called-in hoax. Unbeknownst to all what was actually happening. Law enforcement teams of all kinds followed protocol to get everyone out and search the building(s).

This goes to show you should never joke about this kind of stuff.