Studio 89 Maleficent Recap

Rita Johnson, MaKenna Vigness, Kaleb Minton, and Jayden Flory

On Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3rd, Studio 89 showcased their yearly production. This year, they chose Maleficent. Over the week prior to the show, we interviewed a few of the dancers. Keira Shannon, Sarah Brenner, Chase Fuchs, and Izzy Holmen all told us how they were preparing, and how they think the show is going to go. We also asked them what their favorite part of the show was. We asked Chase and Izzy how their nerves were with being two of the lead characters. At the beginning of the week after the show, we got some feedback from a couple of people who went to see Maleficent. Chase Collings and Alizabeth Krupka told us how their experience of the show went. We asked them who their favorite character to watch was, and how they think it went overall.