Barker Family Gifts Basketball Team Shoes


Isiah St. Romain, Reporter

This winter the Barker family generously decided to donate some basketball shoes to the boys’ Varsity And Junior Varsity team. The team greatly appreciates this gesture because this gave members of our team the opportunity to get new shoes and allowed them to better themselves without having to worry about the cost. 

“My wife and I watched these young men play as a team last season and loved the enthusiasm they played with. Throughout the offseason, we have also been blessed to get to know them off the court as well. We wanted the team to know how much the community loves them and their commitment to be a team on and off the court. We have witnessed these players being role models to others throughout the school (athletes and everyone else included). It is our hope these young men will continue throughout their life to lift others and inspire all” said Mr. Barker.