September Suicide Awareness

Solveig Lovgren, Reporter

Most students know that suicide is an issue, but are unaware about how big of an issue it has come to be.  I chose to interview one of the social workers at our school, Mrs. Johnson, to hear what she had to say about the topic.  The first question I asked Mrs. Johnson was “September is suicide awareness month, what resources are available for students struggling with these things?” Johnson replied by saying, “You can talk to your counselor, you can also talk to a social worker.  There’s 2 social workers and we’re both on the 3rd floor.”  Johnson also said that her room is room 321 and the other social worker, Mrs. Luther, is in room 319.  My second question for Mrs. Johnson was “How do you make an appointment with a social worker?” She said that you can email either one of the social workers, talk to the front desk, or ask your counselor.  She also said that you can come to either one of their offices and ask about an appointment, and that they would find a time that works best for you.  My last question to Mrs. Johnson was, “What advice would you give to someone who may be struggling with these issues?”  Johnson replied with, “First, I would say to reach out to your parents or someone that you trust.  You could also contact a social worker, teacher or school counselor.  From there, we can find some outside resources in the community that can help with depression, anxiety, and all of those underlying things things for suicide.”