Girls Soccer Season Expectation


The girls high school soccer team started their season on Monday, March 27th. Their first practices have been in the Jon Cole gymnasium because of the weather, they will begin practices outside on the field when weather allows them to.

“Trying to form that soccer family, and teaching them how to compete for the whole game and not in little spurts.” are the main reasons Coach Graham, the head varsity coach, is looking forward to this season. He also says that this season will be a tough one, and that Minot should be the only team we will have a large difficulty competing against. We will have to compete and work hard against every team of course but Minot is our main one.

Coach Graham had a good message for the team “Choose your hard.” Basically saying that it’s hard to be successful from the work required to gain success, but it is also hard to not be successful because you don’t get as many opportunities or accomplishments.