Here’s What’s Going To Happen If We Go Into Red


Cutter Jones, Author

Hey, Coyotes! You have probably been curious as to what is going to happen these next couple weeks as Covid-19 cases are rising in ND. On Sep. 23rd Governor Burgum has placed us in yellow, but moving towards orange.
Even prior to the Governor giving his decision, students had been asking what would we do when we go red? What does red mean? And is there a chance that we can go back to school if we do go red?
To answer your questions I recently had an interview with Principal Germundson about the possibility of going red during the coronavirus pandemic. He said that we would follow the Smart Restart Plan, which can be found on the Williston High School Homepage in the top right corner.
Principal Germundson also said that it is a living document, as times are uncertain and things can change. They will be discussing what they will be changing on the document and what we’re going to do as a school during red. But as of right now we are not in red so it is business as usual, stay positive coyotes.
If you have any questions you can ask any of your teachers and counselors. School spirit is an important part of staying positive, so Homecoming is a way to get rid of some of the negative thoughts you may have. We’re all in this together and we can make it through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Just know that our Administrators are doing everything they can to give us the best possible outcome to the situation at hand.
Full interview with Germundson is below. Have a great week Coyotes!

Click Here to watch full interview with Principal Germundson!