WHS Drops Girls Varsity Basketball


Angelica Alexandrou, Reporter

Williston High School has dropped the Girl’s Varsity Basketball team for the 2021-2022 season. Mr. Conley, the Activities Director at WHS, has commented on the reasoning behind the end of varsity basketball for the players this season. He expressed the low participation of players into the coming season, resulting in the decision to split the team into a freshman/sophomore team, as well as a junior varsity team. He additionally expressed hope for the girls this season, with the overall goal of providing them a greater chance at winning more games this year. Conley believes that with more practice and player turnout, the girls can improve this year to create better chances to compete and win games next year. He also comments on future plans, stating that, “We will have a varsity team next year. We want to keep the same girls playing and encourage new players.”

Mr. Germundson, the principal of WHS, has also commented on the change this season. He expressed the importance of this change, stating that, “This was the best decision for our girls this year. We want to rebuild the team for next year.” Mr. Germundson explained that the JV team will only face other JV teams, which will prove to create evenly matched games this season. He stresses the desire to make things more competitive for our girls next year, allowing for improvement and a greater player turnout with the incoming freshman and encouragement of new players. Additionally, Germundson has stated that “We consulted the girls and the parents, and they were all on board with this decision.” He demonstrates hope for our girls and has confidence that this decision will result in greater things for our Coyotes.

Michelle Apolis, a senior and previous varsity player for the team expressed her thoughts on the matter. She stated that “I don’t think we were prepared enough for varsity after last year.” She expressed hope in the team this year and will be playing on the JV team. She thinks that the team has an overall better connection this year, all having previously played together in previous seasons. With the lack of players being a major factor in this decision, she stressed the desire to continue to play varsity, but she believes that this will be beneficial in the long run for the success of the team.