A Little Bit of Hope


MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/WHS Reporter

The world has fallen onto hard times

Things are not as simple as they once were

Businesses shut down

Schools have had to close their doors

And entire countries have closed themselves off from the world

The harsh realities set in 

We realize

We aren’t as immune to sickness as we so thought

We had become too comfortable and believed that we were untouchable

As this plague develops and grows

We will be put through many tests and challenges

We must distance ourselves from those we cherish and love

Must remain an undesirable distance from those we’d wish we could see

But hope that once this is all over

We shall rejoice and celebrate

We are alive

Pray for the loved ones who suffered a great deal

But also we will mourn all lost along the way

Oh what joy it is

To have survived such a devastation

And now hope shall ring through the nation

As our economy is to be restored to its full glory

The world shall begin to spin once more

And we the people shall be able to begin again as one