Graduation Poem

Alizabeth Krupka, Journalist

12 years just for one moment, the moment everyone talks about, walking across the stage and getting a diploma showing we graduated. In one week we won’t be sitting in the classroom with the same people we have for the last 12 years. There is no more asking can i have a piece of gum or a pencil or wanna be partners, no more complaining about how much homework we have or how late we stayed up working on an assignment we all thought we would never finish. We won’t hear each other complain about the test we all thought we would fail and would never accomplish. In less than a week it will all be over the spirit weeks, dress-up days, homecomings, hot cocoa, Christmas movies, Valentine’s Day boxes, movie days, field days, pep rallies, and first and last days. Our last day happens in one week. We always wish to be older and now we all wish we could go back and be younger again. In a couple of months, we will all go and move away on to new exciting adventures, new classmates, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life, this is what we have always looked forward to though right? We always said 2023 was so far away and in less than a week that 2023 means so much and is over in a blink of an eye. One last time we walk the halls, turn in assignments, laugh, and joke with everyone around us before we all leave and won’t see each other. Here’s to the last week of Senior year for the class of 2023.